European Family Businesses - Families in Business for the long term

Facts & Figures

Thanks to the study performed by the European Commission, via the 2008 ‘Overview of Family Business Relevant Issues’ we can estimate the presence of family businesses in Europe.

In Europe this unique category of companies plays a vital role for the economy:

  • Family businesses account for an important part (on average40 - 50% of all jobs) of European private employment.
  • Family businesses reinvest profits responsibly preferring equity as opposed to debt financing.
  • Act as responsible owners because of their long-term strategy towards stakeholder interests, including employees, customers, shareholders, local communities.
  • Transmission of family values with a high sense of social responsibility.
  • Special concern for the local or regional base.
  • Natural incubators of an entrepreneurial culture, they foster the next generation of European entrepreneurs.
  • Stewards of social and economic capital from one generation to the next.

Family business across Europe: Percentage of total of companies