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2nd European Family Business Summit

November 16th and 17th in Paris

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European Parliament report on Family Businesses

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Fourth Edition 2015

European Family Business Barometer

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European Family Businesses is the EU federation of national associations representing long-term family owned enterprises, including small, medium-sized and larger companies... Read more

The numbers in Europe

Over 1 trillion euros in aggregated turnover
65% to 80% of all European Companies
More than 6 Million Jobs

Message from the President

President - Roger Pedder

We live in difficult times where our current socio economic system is under threat from itself. Over the past 40 years the value system which provided a natural check on capitalism has been eroded. This is not a new phenomenon it has happened many times before but there is a major element of our economic life which endures and often prospers through difficult events, Family Business. Why is this so? Read more

Families in business have a self, some say a more enlightened, interest in the enterprise they own and infuse it with a controlling set of values. By their nature they think longer term and act and invest accordingly. Shaky and speculative financial structures are not for them and they know that they are as dependent on the community as the community is on them.

The contribution and stability that family businesses bring to our society is now being recognised and there is a positive curiosity about the features which make it a successful form of organisation. It is European Family Business’s mission to convince Governments and policy makers in general to maintain a healthy environment in which family businesses’ can thrive by removing discriminatory measures against it promoting its best practices.

Of course family business is not a perfect model and some of its flaws are evident but it is the most durable of those developed to date.

I regard it as a worthy task to put it forward as a beneficial alternative to the divisive nature of unbridled capitalism.

Roger Pedder, President

Family Business in Motion

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