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High-Level Roundtable on Family Business

Back in March, in preparation for the new institutional cycle, high-level representatives of EFB met with the Commission and Parliament. 

Back in March, thanks to the initiative of Commissioner Oettinger, in preparation for the new institutional cycle, high-level representatives of European Family Businesses met with Commissioners Elżbieta Bieńkowska and Günther Oettinger, MEP Martina Dlabajová and MEP Angelika Niebler to discuss the state of family businesses in Europe.

Commissioner Oettinger remarked that this meeting was adjourned to discuss what support family businesses need in the coming years and what can be best delivered and achieved at the EU level. He noted that family businesses in Europe must be considered as part of the culture fabric of the EU. In addition, he acknowledged that, although the last few years had been relatively successful, the next years promise to be more challenging.

Report: UK Family Business Sector

UK Family Businesses are still performing well despite economic and political uncertainty 

A new report released by UK Family Business Sector in May, shows that family businesses remain as the backbone of the U.K economy.

EU Spring Project

In January, the EU co-financed SPRING project was officially launched to help family businesses reach their full potential. 

EU elections results: The Family Business Perspective

by Jesus Casado, Secretary General of EFB 

In the last two months the EU institutions have completely renewed their composition for the next cycle. In spite of a growing wave of Populism and Euroscepticism, coupled with a slowdown in economic growth, there are some encouraging signs coming from this new political makeup that can give hope to the business community.

Building European Growth and Regional Development: 15 proposals to boost the European Economy

In the run-up to the EU elections, the METI released a report containing 15 proposals to boost the European Economy.

EU Elections: European business community unites

In the run up to the EU elections, EFB, together with the European business community, released a joint statement to urge the citizens of Europe to vote. 


Our next EFB Summit will be held in Madrid on the 19th and 20th November 2019.

More details will be released soon! We hope you can join us!